Did someone say Kobe?


All the way to Sonora, only to find that they have no Kobe beef. At least we got to enjoy some great roads getting here.

Warm enough for a ride!!!!


It’s been cold all week, but today we were blessed with perfect 60+ degree weather and the roads were pretty devoid of traffic.

Epic ride 2014 is officially done!

Epic ride 2014 is officially doneWhew, what a ride! Left at 5:30, back home at 10:30 with a total of 537 miles of bliss.  Had a great time with the crew and enjoyed many great roads and a pretty light flow of traffic up the coast.  This was probably the coldest coast ride yet, but I planned accordingly and it wasn’t too uncomfortable.  Most of the day was filled with perfect riding temperatures and great times with the entire group.  Can’t wait to do it again!


Last stop, time to bundle up!

Last stopOne last stop to fill the tanks, and wrap ourselves in something warm for the cold ride up the mountain. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty cold when we finally pulled into town, but a warm cup of coffee from the Oakhurst Starbucks provide the much needed boost to get me home.



Yummy!Well, it was a long fast ride up the coast and Hwy 1 did not disappoint.  We got a little separated on the way, but we were able to get everyone together in Carmel and head for a much needed bread bowl at Fisherman’s Wharf.


Damn it’s good to be back on the bike

Damn it's good to be back on the bike

After a quick ride through the valley, it was nice to get our first glimpse of the coast.  Taking Hwy 1 up to Cambria for a much need gas stop.  The coast was beautiful and we hit no fog along the way

Waiting for phase one to arrive

Waiting for phase one to arrive

Enjoying the cool 41 degree weather while waiting for the rest of the Oakhurst crew to arrive.  Yes, that is right, BK is here first.  :)

All Ready for Epic Coast Ride 2014

All Ready for Epic Coast Ride 2014All prepped and ready for the Epic Coast Ride tomorrow. Hoping for dry weather along the coast and a safe return for all the riders.

Rain, rain, don’t go away

Rain, rain, don't go awayI haven’t been this excited for a rainy day in a long time. With all the fires we’ve had up here this year, it’s nice to see a good full afternoon of the wet stuff.

Hot August Ridin’

Hot August Ridin'
Took the little runt out for a ride down to the valley. Actually found its big brother, a Hyosung GT650R.