Another day at the Dragon.

Great summer ride to the Little Dragon, with STS boys from the valley.  Topped off with good eats at the Priest Grade Cafe.

Friendship Pre-Ride

Having fun on the Friendship Pre-Ride. It’s a bit hot and we’ve been gabbing all day, but the roads are looking great for the big ride in a few weeks.



On the phone
This driver just pulled out in front of the car ahead of me, as if they didn’t exist. I was not surprised to find that she was on her phone. Look closely in the side view mirror.

Well hello there friend. Did you miss me?

I love all my bikes but it’s good to be riding the Rep. Just a quick ride around the lake to make sure nothing is going to fall off again. Going to check all the bolts and get it ready for a more meaningful ride next weekend.

Almost There

May not look like much, but this is all that was keeping the Repsol from rolling. Thanks to Mike at FP Racing for getting me back on the road.

Sunday Ride

Sunday Ride
Great day to be on The Little Dragon. Smooth, clean and very little traffic. Although The Dragon didn’t bite me, I did manage to get stung in the chest by a bee about half way through on my way back. I sucked it up and didn’t let it slow my roll. :)

Still dirty and not at all ready for summer

Still dirty and not at all ready for summer
Still waiting on for those special parts needed to get the beast back on the road.  :-(

All cleaned up and almost ready for summer.

Still need to have the shock serviced but it’s good to go.  :)

All cleaned up and ready for summer.

2007_Hyosung_GT250ROil changed, fixed leaky petcock, and got it all cleaned up.  Ready for the canyons.


Looks like the Reppie is down for a bit.

Looks like the Reppie is down for a bit.
I guess the titanium bolt didn’t get along with the magnesium rotor carrier.